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Given To Fly wrote:

 A rhythm of “8th – 16th 16th ” is ultimately what you get and is very clear at the very beginning of the song. The delay times should be an 8th note and a dotted 8th note. Other variations are possible and will get you the same result.

I think we mean the same thing but you describe it more complicated. The guitar is playing on the the down beat. The first repeat is coming on the fourth 16th note. The second repeat is coming on the second downbeat (so fifth 16th note). So you should program a 1/4 delay and a dotted 1/8 to get that. Not a 1/8 and a dotted 1/8 as you say.

You are right about the 8th and two 16th pattern. But that is only after the first repeat. The first pattern is a dotted 8th followed by a 16th and than the second repeat is a 8th plus two 16th. Just I was describing in a previous post. I think that is the result of it being a delay in series or something. So this exact pattern is not possible on the H9 to my knowledge. Closest you can come is by using Brocks examples or using a 1/4 delay plus dotted 8.

A student is mine is playing that Keeley piece now for a perfomance. So thank you for pointing out that video!