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Hello Brock,

May I ask…what MIDI pedal you use, and what’s good about it, esp. for Eventide pedals, and what’s bad about is, esp. for Eventide pedals??

I was thinking that three per line is safe enough, doubt I would try more.

I can’t try anything because I haven’t bought my MIDI pedal yet.

I like the the look of the little Soleman from Source Audio because it has two MIDI outs, which could mean 2 chains of 3.

But I don’t know if the Soleman unit is robust enough to handle five Eventide devices and a Whammy. And some unknown future pedals.

Trying to decide which MIDI pedal to buy is a difficult task, but I do understand that there are some limitations that occur no matter how good your hardware is.

I am not expecting perfection, my main goal, is to change programs on the three H9s – just change programs!

Any expression pedal work, I believe I would do with the expression pedals attached directly to the H9’s so as NOT to overburden the MIDI lines with additional commands. I don’t have a huge desire to have one expression pedal attached to my MIDI pedal, when the H9’s native expression control is so good…or seems to be good from what I read.

It might be that I am better off with a single output device like Ground Control Pro from Voodoo Labs, and get a four way splitter. That would give me eight.

I am curious about what MIDI pedal you use that allows you four working chains of three – 12 devices – that’s awesome, pushing the envelope…

In any case, really appreciate your comments – and thank you again!!