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“…do you get free algos for life?” As I understand it: as long as your Max lives. The free algos are bound to the Max and not to you (I think). A pity. May it live long! (As I hope my Max also does).

A question then is: if it dies, and you manage to – just before it dies – transfer all your algos to a newly bought Core, will that Core 1. can use these algos after the Max has died, and 2. can the Core get new algos for free? My guess is 1. yes and 2. no.

Ehhhh…but the algos are in H9 Control so after the Max dies you can transfer them tot a new Core….hmm…I don’t think I completely understand the policy.

My guess is: if the Max stays alive for lets say 10 or 15 years (I have no idea what its life expectancy is) and then it dies, then you can buy a Core and load all the algos from H9 Control into that Core, but you will not get new algos for free. But this is a guess. Or are there only presets in H9 Control, and no algos? I am a bit confused. My clarifications raise more questions 🙂

Anyway: good luck with your new Max, its a great pedal!