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gkellum wrote:
Marcel wrote:
A question then is: if it dies, and you manage to – just before it dies – transfer all your algos to a newly bought Core, will that Core 1. can use these algos after the Max has died, and 2. can the Core get new algos for free?

If an H9 Max is registered to your Eventide account, then from Eventide's perspective you have Max whether or not it's broken.  So, you'll continue to get new algorithms for other H9s registered to the same account even if the Max isn't connected to H9 Control.

But in the Support section in the FAQ (under H9 Max) I read the following:

“Q: If I buy/sell a used H9 Max, will it stay an H9 Max?
A: Yes. The H9 Max status and algorithms are tied to the pedal, not to the account. This is different than a standard or H9 Core unit where the algorithms are tied to your account and stay with you rather than the device. “

This Q & A confuses me a bit (considering what you write).

I try to connect your statement and the Q&A.

So if my Max is registered to my account, and I buy a Core (and register it to my account), I can use in this Core:
1. all the algorithms the Max has;
2. all future algorithms for free;
3. but if I unregister my Max, I can’t use all the algorithms anymore in my Core;
4. and I can’t use new algorithms for free in my Core.

Am I right in thinking:
My account is Max as long as my Max is registered??

So if I sell my Max (which I won’t do) I am still Max as long as I don’t unregister it? This feels like a contradiction to the Q&A I just qouted.

It is a bit confusing for me.