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Marcel wrote:

This Q & A confuses me a bit (considering what you write).

I'm going to rewrite that FAQ.  What it says isn't strictly speaking correct.  I think it was written with the MaxOut program in mind, and what they're trying to say is that if you turn an H9 into a Max through the MaxOut program when you sell it, it's an H9 Max just like one you buy in a store.  But the wording is misleading.

Marcel wrote:

My account is Max as long as my Max is registered?? So if I sell my Max (which I won't do) I am still Max as long as I don't unregister it? This feels like a contradiction to the Q&A I just qouted. It is a bit confusing for me.

Well, yes, I suppose you could say that your account is Max as long as a Max is registered.  And it's true that if you sell your Max, you are still Max as long as you don't unregister it (although the new user will likely contact support and have us deregister it which will cause you to lose the Max algorithms).

The reason things work like this was we asked ourselves if we wanted to require a user to have their H9 Max and their other H9s connected to H9 Control to get a new algorithm.  Some people have four or five H9s, and it seemed unreasonable to expect them to connect their Max and the other H9s simultaneously to prove they have a Max.  So, instead, when you use the 'Restore Purchases' function for example, it checks if you have a Max registered to your Eventide account, but it doesn't require you to have that Max actually connected to prove that you have a Max.