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  • STRUM Tempo! I didn’t think twice about it until I played live with a TimeBender from Digitech. This works WAY better and are more exact than ANY tap tempo by the foot, on a switch, which always causes a latency or delay, and you’re not nailing it. To press the footswitch, mute the signal, and let it record the TAP by the STRUM you make is vastly superior to tap with the foot tempo method. Period. And it can be saved as a footswitch for other purposes, i e the strum tempo can be (and should be) acivated when holding down a footswtich for a certain amount of time, before it reacts to strum tempo.
  • STRUM DELAY TIME! Yes, also stolen from DigiTech Timebender. When pressin a footswitch it “tracks” or “records” the strums and signal and measures the spaces between them, the taps, so to speak, and that makes up your delay pattern when you release the footswtich. DigiTech takes up to 6 different spaces between notes, and makes a pattern out of it. Once out of it, you can still set the delay time with the delay time knob. That the ratio of the pattern gets longer or shorter. HUGE applications.