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Ok, somewhat out of topic. But when I read that OX9 pedal attachment, I just went ok…so what have they’ve been smokin?

What’s the point of releasing anything, that you anyway have to buy A THIRD external footswitch anyway to it? If they’re going to release anything, make it with all three footswtiches on there from the start on! Where’s their heads at?! That was my wish from the start on, that any delay pedal, or a pedal like the H9 needs to have 5 switches to cover it all. And then they release one with two… jeez…


YES, Wish they release a OX9 “cradle” with all three buttons on there for a start. Don’t give me the yadayadas about not enough space, because there is. I can understand the expression pedal bit though. That one should be the only one that should be connected to the external jack for the OX9/H9. And on top of this, with that “cradle” stuck on the H9 one can’t seem to put velcro strips underneath it because you must leave the fastening to the H9. So it can’t be stuck on a pedalboard without some really unwieldy and cumbersome workaround.


Fix that! angry