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Thought I would mention this here as well as I’m having a fairly similar issue.  Mine is a brand new H9 max out of the box.  It lit up with power  though I had to try a few times to get it to work. I then updated the software and registered it – played around with it for 30 minutes or so.  Everything worked OK. Then I shut it down.  The next day I went to turn it on and usually get completely nothing at all but on occassion after replugging it in many times to try and get it to work I get the several little red blips on the screen but they don’t even last a second. Have not been able to get any power to it since that first time where it completely powers up.  I have used the adaptor that came with it plugged directly into the wall socket as well as a power bar plugged directly into the wall.  I’m guessing this should be sent back but if you have any other ideas to try first let me know.  Thanks!