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But really, without being able to run in the background, it’s a pretty limited use case right?  No one is really going to carry around an ipad just to keep H9 open so it can receive midi right?  

Just my 0.02, but if you allowed it to run in the background and allowed it to receive midi and fwd through the output port, it would be a killer use for the pedal.  You could fwd midi changes from one of the many FX/song apps and link it up to the entire rest of the board wirelessly.  (Which I have been looking for for a long time, and I know others have from the forums too – and fits squarely within your target market!)

It seems like it’s pretty much just bugfixes for both (I’ve seen you guys mention that both have been implemented but there were stability issues) – I know it’s not trivial (from having worked on ios apps), but it’s pretty standard these days (blueboard, positive grid’s pedal, bias, really any fx/audio/etc app!) – you’ve got to step up your game!

Really though, there’s a lot of folks skirting around the wireless midi for pedals (where latency really doesn’t matter too much the way it does for audio processing) – you guys could really lock up the market and end up selling a lot of H9’s for the cost of a couple bugfixes! 

(Allowing it to run as a split-screen app would help somewhat as well to dodge the background issues, but reworking the layout to accomodate that is quite a bit of work if it’s not designed that way intially.  And again, the main use case isn’t to always have the H9 up – but I’d still take it!)