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MIDI control over KEY & SCALE (my preference) is the most versatile way  If you have enough switches (that can send a MIDI CC value, or toggle between two static values), you can dynamically change intervals within each harmony voice.  Here’s the overall process:  https://www.eventideaudio.com/comment/7167#comment-7167  … But MIDI isn’t for everyone.  You can cover much of the same ground with 2 or 3 Aux switches.  (An expression pedal will also work, but it doesn’t ‘snap’ between two discrete values – see [F]actory presets).

For example, in the Diatonic algo through H9 Control, you’d want to Set Parameter 3 and Set Parameter 4 both to the same Aux switch.  Define a range of about ’60’ for a 3rd, and ’62’ for a 4th.  Step on the switch (latching or momentary), and the harmony intervals shift.  A similar method uses ‘Set expression pedal (aka HotKnob value)’ in H9 Control, to create a ‘HotSwitch’-style mapping.  The advantages here are easier range mappings, and saved pre-preset, (unlike the global Aux switch settings).

I haven’t run through the theory in the link above, but let’s assume it’s correct.  Dial in the Heel value of the expression pedal to B min (Aeolian).  The Toe value goes to B Hmin (or F# PHRG).  Map an Aux switch to the expression pedal action.  Momentary or latching, that 2nd Aux switch now toggles between two preset keys & modes. With a third Aux switch, you can bring up B MAJ (Ionian), E MLYD , or B DOR, …