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joegrant413 wrote:


H9 Standard user here. I just discovered the joy of fattening up my tone with an H910/H949 setting here. I don’t see this algorithm used in this thread. Is the MicroPitch much better? Thx

Maybe in isolation.  The MicroPitch algo can focus more of its resources on a narrower range of pitch shift.  But I just A/B’ed the H910 / H949 preset (below), with the MicroPitch ‘Auto DoubleTrack’ preset (shown above). Among two H9’s, and a PitchFactor here, the two presets are not all that different in context.

The H910 / H949 preset is somewhat darker (no TONE parameter), and a little less animated (no LFO modulation).  I compensated by using one of the older models: H949-1.  [Each TYPE has it’s own character, colorations, ‘sweet spot’ for pitch changes, and degree of glitchy-ness.]

The point of my initial reply was to show how different algorithms can create similar effects.  Yet one or two parameters – unique to that algorithm – can tailor the effect (ADT, in these examples) to exactly what you want.

Here’s a perfect example:  Just tonight, I was experimenting with some Digitech Ricochet simulations.  I’d never considered using the PitchFlex algo for doubling before.  I stumbled upon this method by setting up a 50:50 MIX.  With an Aux / Performance switch in the H9’s – or with the FLEX switch on a PitchFactor – you can trigger doubling FX that sweep into ‘Hoover’ territory (and beyond).

Shift & return ‘ballistics’ can be customized independently.  The SHAPE of those sweeps are variable from ‘fast’, through linear, and ‘slow’.  Since FLEX is a momentary action, the doubling effects can be brief & shallow, or extended & deeper.  Control it with the hold & release times of your foot on the switch.