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gkellum wrote:

For the most part people use the export features in H9 Control to get their presets, and that exports h9z files. One reason why we use the h9z format instead of just importing and exporting tide files is that our plugins also use .tide files, and there are some H9 algorithms that are also plugins, but they aren’t using compatible preset formats.  In any case I’ll add your request to our wish list.

Thanks for adding it, I think it’s valuable. I added another paragraph below here expanding why I think some progress is important. It may be that my initial wish item is less valuable than the expanded idea…

While I don’t doubt that most people export .h9z and reimport that, I think there’s value in syncing presets to a cloud system that would let me sync across multiple machines. Ideally, we’d get away from the “Save to Mac” and “Save to iPad” entirely and use iCloud drive or some other 3rd-party platform to always have the same presets available on all H9 Control devices that I sign-in to. I currently use a symlink to a Dropbox folder because I don’t want to have to remember to export/save/backup every time I make a new preset. The ability to import .tide is a stopgap to what I see as the *real* solution of syncing our presets for us across any device we’re signed in on.