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michael winston

I’m new here and started using the H9 recently. That being said I’ve had all of the factor pedals at one point or another. So… here are my thoughts.

1. Improve current algo’s. I’m sure specifics have been discussed through out the forum by people with more expericnce than me… Based on my intitial experice, the tape delay could be greatly improved. 

2. New Algo… some sort of Reverb/Delay with a swell option. So the attack can be modified and can be used on the wet, dry, or both. (Someone people correct me if there is something that does this)

3. Delay with bass and highs control or modifying current controls. The filter controls (like on the vintage delay) seem to only effect the high end and the control on the digital is effecting either high or lowend. (for instance, intgration into one knob could look like this: the first part of the sweep is taking off highs, the next part could take off lows, and the last part of the sweep could sweep filters inward from the top and the bottom. I believe the strymon filters work in a similar way.  

4. Series Delay: Dual Delay like the digital delay that works in series rather than parallel that doesn’t require the physical patching work around.