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mat herbert wrote:

It’s the iLok manager sofftware timing out before it gets a chance to load properly… i get it from time to time and i know of a few others personlly who also experience it.


on the windows task bar click start, then type ‘services’ (forget the quotes) into the ‘search programs and files’ box and hit return.

Scroll down to PACE Licence Services, highlight it and in the top left click on ‘start’.


That should sort you out till it happens again, just repeat the above if/when it does.


Hey Mat,

Many thanks for your reply. Windows 10 doesn’t have the task bar with Start. But I turned on “Show hidden files/folders” and searched for “Pace License Services”. It returned no results. When I searched for “Pace” the following folder turned up:

PACE>Services>License Services>LDSvc

I right clicked on the application file LDSvc and chose “Run as administrator”. Got the message: “Do you want the app to make changes?” Clicked Yes. A pop-up window appeared just for a fraction of a second. Restarted my PC. Opened Live. Rescanned my plugins just in case. Tried to open the Eventide plugin and got the same message as in my original post.

Many thanks for your suggestion buddy. It sounded spot on, and was definately worth a try.