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Adamixoye wrote:

I’ve posted some of these before, but my biggest requests would be as follows:

(1) Some sort of global noise gate that could be used with any algorithm, pre/post options would be nice

(2) That the next algorithms are not based on EQ, modulation, delay, or reverb…I want something new, unique, and weird.  Synth, pitchshifting, another dirt that is different from Crushstation, etc.

(3) Assignable MIDI controls to global and per-patch backpage parameters, like source select (guitar, bass, synth), pre/post routing, etc.

(4) Additional FX loop routing options that are separate from pre/post, that is, they can each be used in pre/post mode and are on a per-patch basis:

(a) Normal – as things are now

(b) Linked – when the H9 is bypassed, the loop is also bypassed; when the H9 is engaged, the signal passes through the loop (useful for turning on a bunch of effects all at once)

(c) Toggle – when the H9 is engaged, the loop is bypassed; when the H9 is bypassed, the signal passes through the loop (e.g., a distortion is in the loop, and you want to switch to clean when you engage a delay on the H9 but turn the delay off and engage the distortion).

I liked all of Adamixoye’s ideas, but #3 in particular is right at the top of my list – for those of us using pre/post routing and MIDI, the ability to change pre/post for the current patch via MIDI opens up a whole new level of sonic options, since with a press of a button I could move my delay patch from after my OD to before and get a totally different sound.  And since I use two H9s, both in pre/post, the possibilities increase exponentially.

Yes, I could just have duplicates of all my patches, each being either pre or post, but that’s not only clunky and hard to manage, it’s just inelegant for such a flexible, MIDI-enabled pedal.

Anyway, I didn’t want this idea to get buried in months past.  🙂