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I do not know the answer directly to this question Nina.  The one big preset can work.  I do it differently –  I have a midi controller (Voodoo GCP)  that  I configured so that I call up a bank ( a song), and the 4 bottom buttons handle quick access to 4 presets.  Step on the up or down bank button, and you are accessing the next 4 presets – up to 99.   The difference is the grouping of 4 and a bit bigger display that lets me know were I am at.  I then set the banks up in song list list order when performing,  and then in ‘like sounds’ order when recording.  When I am recording, after I have ‘invented the perfect effect for a song’ I save the H9 patch, then include the exact settings into the song list order when adding the song to the show.  Pretty sweet to me, but your milage may vary, as they say.  The top 8 buttons are configured to handle other effects pedals and audio control, if you are looking at the GCP online.

It provides more flexibilty than song control.  I control all my effects and amps from my stage postion with one button push, keep all effects next to the amps, move the amps off stage if needed, shorten the ‘noisy cable runs’ down to a few feet, and a one access device makes the performance area clean.   It works well with the H9 – I control three at a time.    

Hope you find a quick solution.

Take care, inspire many,