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gkellum wrote:

looneynina wrote:

Is this even possible? Or am I missing something? Am I not using it right?

No, unfortunately, it’s not possible as you described it.  We’ve never had a request before to save a preset list at an offset start position on the H9.  It wouldn’t be terribly difficult to do, but for now, I think you’ll be best off combining your multiple preset lists into a single combined preset list.

I made a video showing how you can do this quickly using the desktop version of H9 Control using the copy key command.  The same approach will work on iOS as well although you’ll have to use the ‘Copy Preset’ function under the More menu instead of a key command: https://youtu.be/fmrTMGpJT7s


gkellum, thank you, that was a very nice gesture, I didn’t know you can copy presets like that, I was mainly using ipad and there it probably isn’t that easy. It would be really helpfull if I could for example select three preset lists and send it to H9 altogether. And yes, I can imagine that is not really hard to do from programming point of view, so that would be my kind request for future updates, if possible.


I also have another question. When I am uploading presets to H9, it always asks me if I want to adjust the number of accessible presets on my stompbox. I’ve clicked “never ask me again”, or whatever exactly it said and thought I agreed to always adjust the list on H9 to fit the uploaded presets and it doesn’t. And now I don’t know how to fix that setting.


lmlyons, btw, that sounds really nice. Can you show some photo of your setup? 🙂


Thank you all for your help. For now I’m uploading preset list for each song in the live situation. It is the most fool proof method at the moment, since I have only started to use the effects about 3 months ago.