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I have a very similar problem, and I am already onto “try USB” since my PC doesn’t support Bluetooth and I don’t have a dongle.


I followed the instructions in the manual to the letter:


1) Powered on H9 with USB cable attached

2) Opened H9 Control App on PC

3) Device found instantly, and connects instantly

4) I can now see both “PC” and my “H9-11111” in the left hand pane of List view

5) I switch from the “PC” to the “H9”

6) It immediately reads the contents of the H9, and displays them instantly

7) I hit the SAVE TO PC button

8) The save begins, but about 2 seconds into it, the Control App crashes hard – and you get the usual nonsense about Windows shutting down the app and searching for a solution for you (it wont)


I’ve tried re-booting the computer;  I do not have my DAW running or in fact, anything else running BUT the Control App.  I’ve tried re-booting the H9, and then restarting the Control App – same result, same crash at the same instant, the SECOND you push “SAVE TO PC” – it crashes.  I then tried pushing X Y Z at once, to disconnect the H9 from it’s previous pair, and it indeed, shut bluetooth off on the H9.  Another attempt brought exactly the same scenario: connects instantly, no problem, sees the H9, reads it’s contents and displays them – but, SAVE TO PC is like a “Please Crash Me Right Now” button – that’s all it does.



Windows 10 Home, 64 bit  –  Version 1607 (OS build 14393.447)

Eventide H9 Control – Version 2.7.8


Please help – I’ve been wanting to back up my THREE H9s for several months now, I finally found time, I bought the correct USB cable, and now I get this instant, unstoppable CRASH every single time I try to save the pedal’s contents to the PC.


Where am I going wrong, I thought I would avoid all the problems that people seem to be having with Bluetooth, by avoiding Bluetooth, and it’s my hope to also upgrade my Pitch Factor and Space so I can control them via H9, and back them up too.  I have the OTHER USB cable ready for that task, too.  I thought it best to start with the H9, the more modern device, get those backed up to the PC, and then deal with the Factor boxes – but right now, with regards to creating saved backup of my five Eventide devices, I am stopped dead and NONE of them is backed up yet.


Please help – please.




Thank you