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gkellum wrote:
pureambient wrote:

I've been wanting to back up my THREE H9s for several months now, I finally found time, I bought the correct USB cable, and now I get this instant, unstoppable CRASH every single time I try to save the pedal's contents to the PC.

So, this crash happens with every one of your H9s?  Not just with one unit in particular?


I only tried it on one H9 unit so far.

However, I also connected my two Factor pedals, the PitchFactor did not bring the crash….but, Space did.

So..out of four, two produce the crash. On the H9 it’s instant; on the Space, it saves exactly 45 presets, then crashes with NOTHING saved.

I say four, because one of the three H9s is in the shop.

So of the three I tested:

1 PitchFactor backed up fine, no crashes.
2 Space tried to back up, and crashed after exactly 45 presets (I tried it about six times – always in the same spot.
3 H9 crashed instantly, every time, over and over.

I hope this helps.

Thanks for responding! I really need some help here.