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That’s one thing – reinstalling the app itself – that I did not think to try – I will try that tomorrow. Glad you said that – thanks!!

It’s weird really, in my case, it almost has to be the app on the PC, because I’ve been running H9 Control on my iPad mini, for months, controlling all three H9s with very few problems, and, able to back them up to the iPad with no crashes or errors.

I went to the PC because for me, one backup on a tablet, is insufficient redundancy under any circumstances, so I was wanting a second set of backups.

I can even run all three H9s in one session on the iPad, and it works most of the time…Bluetooth.

I would have thought that a PC with a solid wired USB connection, would be MORE reliable than a tablet install.

Yet, on the tablet, it’s practically trouble free (the odd difficulty connecting) and on the PC, it’s nothing but trouble.

An entire afternoon resulted in one PitchFactor being backed up successfully. Not a great accomplishment for what should be, and what can be, such a capable app. I am baffled, but I really need it to work, so I can back up the five hundred handcrafted patches I have created across five devices – though doubtless I’ve lost the first 100 because the first unit (which was my second H9 failure this year) will get factory reset in the shop – and it broke the day after I finished the programming – and got sent away before I even thought of trying the backup – so it never got backed up to the PC.

I’ve got decent communication with all four devices now, but the app is feeling unwell, I agree!

Thanks for your comments.