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Hello gentlemen

OK when I got home from work today, I re-installed the H9 Control app on my PC – hooked up the other, untested H9, and fired off the app.

As usual, it finds the H9 instantly, communication is very good.

I select the H9, and load its programs – and by looking at Edit, I can see they are all there, all 99 of them – so then I do the unthinkable – I push the Save To PC button, and…

The app crashes almost instantly, in the exact same fashion as the other H9 did on Sunday night.

So that concluded my testing for this evening with the scores like this:

H9 No. 2 – Save To PC brings almost instant (1 to 2 seconds) crash of the H9 app – hard crash *
H9 No. 3 – Save To PC brings almost instant (1 to 2 seconds) crash of the H9 app – hard crash **
Space – Save To PC begins, runs for perhaps 15 seconds, until reaching preset 45 (“Phil McCavity”) and then crashes hard as above – with nothing whatsoever saved. *
PitchFactor – Save To PC – actually worked, with no crash – first set up of Factor boxes with H9 app. But then Space failed, so I have exactly ONE back up – the least important one too – out FOUR backups that I should have. *

* Testing done Sunday evening 20161127
** Testing done Monday evening 20161128

Note – multiple repeats of the failures were done on H9 No. 2 and Space – the failures are extremely, exactly repeatable, the H9, always crashing almost instantly, while the Space makes it to Preset 45, stops, and gently crumples.

This happened over and over during the more extensive Sunday night testing – they never crashed any differently, it’s always exactly the same instant – it’s almost uncanny.

So interestingly, the two H9s bring exactly the same result, the instant crash; the Space makes a half-hearted effort and then fails, and for some unknown reason, PitchFactor does get backed up – not quite sure why.

H9 No. 1 – no comment, still in hospital and won’t be back for weeks.

I hope this is helpful for further troubleshooting, I am really in need of some suggestions now – I’d really hoped the H9 Control reinstall would make a difference, but no such luck…they are all still crashing in the same way, and in the same car, too 🙂

Please advise – happy to try any suggestions.

Thank you