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kenhan wrote:

In this case I'm not sending any midi messages TO the H9. I'm only interested in sending the tap tempo info to the Inifinity Looper.

Both Transmit and Thru + MIDI Clock will send tempo information.  Since you only want the H9 to send tempo information but not otherwise control the Infinity Looper, I suppose you'll want to use Thru + MIDI Clock
kenhan wrote:

Case #2

Is it possible to send tempo info from Garage Band / Logic / Reaper to H9 via bluetooth, and then from the H9 to other devices? If so, how would one configure this in the H9 Control app and the MacOS midi settings? I find midi very confusing. Thanks for your help.

It is possible, but this won't work well.  Sending the tempo information over Bluetooth adds too much jitter to the tempo and the devices that are trying to decipher the MIDI clock ticks end up swinging wildly around the true tempo.  The mechanism for sending MIDI information over Bluetooth is under Settings.