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gkellum wrote:
pureambient wrote:

The app crashes almost instantly, in the exact same fashion as the other H9 did on Sunday night.

We put together a system for uploading crash dumps to the web for something else we were working on.  I'm thinking it would be helpful to integrate that into H9 Control. That would make it quicker and easier for us to learn about and fix these sorts of problems. 

I'll see if we can't reproduce these problems nonetheless though.  If we can reproduce them, it should be fairly quick to fix them.

I agree that it would have been / would still be a good idea if H9 Control stored and then sent you crash dump information – for one thing, you’d then see how many customers are trying to live with multiple crashes 🙂

So I agree, but rather than the whole “do you want to send a crash report to Eventide” – which I consider to be just an annoyance – just send it, I don’t need to give you my permission each time.

I would have had to have granted permission about a dozen times last Sunday night, and it’s OK for the first few times – but I’ve always wished that software mfrs would just generate and send the report in the background without having to ask me each time – OK -ask me once, the first time, then when I say “yes” – just do the rest automatically behind the scenes without interrupting me over and over and over.

If there is a manual method of capturing the crash dumps for you, I’d happily make it crash for you to capture that info. But I’m guessing there is no easy manual method if you would have asked me to do that already.

Barring that, I really hope you can reproduce this crash – because I need a reliable,repeatable, backup process – from which I can safely and confidently RESTORE.

So if you can spend some time working on this, I would certainly appreciate it, as I’m sure several of us with similar issues would.

Please – help !!!!!

Thanks again for your help and for responding so quickly and positively, that’s very encouraging and refreshing – thanks.

Best regards,

Dave at pureambient