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nickrose wrote:

bassalisk wrote:

Hi, I have a related noob question. Since the unit has no power switch, is it implied that it’s ok to leave it on all the time? Or SHOULD it be turned off via unplugging the power after each use (some electronics that have no power switch seem to want to be left on, so I figured I’d ask). Thank you!

I don’t think that it cares. It is a waste of precious energy to leave it on, but it won’t do any damage.



Thanks Nick. If it’s a “waste of precious energy to leave it on”, as you say, and there’s no advantage for the unit to leave it on, can I ask why there isn’t a power switch? Based on the related questions and answers, the recommended method is to simply unplug it…. but that’s:

A. A pain to do behind a rack over and over.

B. Bad for the power jack over time if unplugged at the unit, one can only assume.


Just so I fully understand what you’re saying, you’re saying it doesn’t alter the life expectancy of the H9 in any way to leave it on for 3 years straight? Nor does plugging and unplugging it over and over again potentially create issues?


It doesn’t matter at all either way? There isn’t a recommended method to how/when to cut the power to the H9? This seems kinda strange when compared with other electronic devices.


I’m strongly considering buying a seperate power conditioner just for this to be able to shut it down without having to crawl behind my rack every time. Can you tell me what the pros and cons of using a power conditioner to shut down/power up the H9 at every use would be?