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rorytheherb wrote:

Turning on H9 control again today, with H9 plugged in via USB, the app AGAIN refuses to open. 

We've been hearing about a fair number of problems people have been having on Windows 10 systems.  There were a couple of users who had everything working fine, and then Windows 10 self updated, and everything got messed up.  One of them had to reinstall his Windows 10 system altogether.  At the moment we don't understand what is causing these sorts of problems.  It could be that when we add crash reporting to H9 Control we'll get some useful information from that.

In the past there have also been users who have had trouble because of driver conflict issues, and if you have any other audio periphereals attached to your machine, it would be helpful to try detaching them temporarily to see if they might be causing problems.  Similarly if you have any music apps open, it would be helpful to close them temporarily before you launch H9 Control to make sure that is not causing problems.

rorytheherb wrote:

Since yesterday, now the pedal is rebooting sporadically all by itself, even when not plugged in via USB or paired via bluetooth. This is supposedly a power supply issue according to some other threads. 

Ok, you should contact support@eventide.com about that problem.  We might just send you a new power supply to see if that resolves the problem.