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I upgraded today to the Anthology X Bundle having owned UltraChannel, UltraReverb, H910 and Precision Time Align. When I try to move the license within my iLok license manager I get the message "The terms of this delivery rquire the following 4 items: You the see a list of the 4 Eventide PLugins I own with 3 of them having a bock that is ticked. UltraChannel is grayed out as well as the "Complete" button, so it's not possible to progress with transferring the license to an iLok or computer. Any help with this issue would be highly appreciated! Thanks!

Please send an email to support@eventide.com and either link to this forum post or copy and paste your post into the email.  And please include in your email your iLok username.  Someone in support will likely just manually revoke those licenses and issue you a new Anthology X license that doesn't have those upgrade requirements.  For them to do that, you'll need to deactivate those licenses first.  So, it will save time if you go into the iLok License Manager now and right click on those Eventide licenses and choose the deactivate option.