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nickrose wrote:

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a stomp box with a power switch.


Well, the H9 certainly seems to be a vastly more complex little computer/digital processing device than the typical stompbox…like the only thing the H9 really has in common with a one-trick Boss chorus pedal is that you can put it on the floor if you wish (mine certainly isn’t). It seems an aweful lot like an upgraded Eclipse in smaller housing in terms of functionality (to a non-engineer, anyway).


In any case, I’m honestly just looking for a clear recommendation for this one particular device. I’ve concluded that you (and therefore, Eventide) do not really recommend leaving it on constantly (even though you’ve stopped short of expressing that here); and, you’ve stated it’s better to unplug it at the outlet to avoid damaging transients when powering it down….


So, if you could just humor me and give me a hyper-simple yes-or-no answer to the following question like I’m a five year old I’d really appreciate it. 🙂

Assuming it’s plugged in to one, is switching off a power conditioner/strip after every use the optimal approach to turning it off?

…and if “no”, please explain why, and what the optimal approach actually is (for this particular device only).


Thank you, sincerely!