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Thanks, Nick. The lack of a power button is my least favorite thing about the pedal (which I LOVE otherwise). Having to pull out and reach behind my rack just to initiate the most fundemental actions possible at the beginning and end of my sessions is annoying. A firmware update allowing the unit to be shut off with the app would be really amazing.


nickrose wrote:

A further comment – it is good to plug all of your equipment directly or indirectly into the same power strip. This means that all earths go to the same place, and you can power down the whole lot with one switch. But, don’t overload the strips.

I would love it just plug it into my new Furman conditioner with everything else, but I also want to plug my computer in…and desk lights, etc. And I don’t want to cut power to those things. To me, the lack of a power button creates obvious issues like this one.


I appreciate your time and hope this inconvenience is addressed with a firmware update