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Hello everyone – I’ve sorta been staying away from here in the hopes that the good gkellum would have some time to see if he can replicate these failures, and see if we can possibly get a hotfix for the app or SOMETHING – and it wouldn’t surprise me if Windows 10 is to blame – I can’t quite be sure, because I only used the app on ios for the first year or two, so I have only very recently installed H9 control – I am sure I was already on Windows 10 when I did so – and – true to form, it has never, ever worked right, including this weird, weird failure with the Space, where it goes through the motions of saving the first 44 presets, gets to 45, hangs, draws one last breath – and dies, no backup made.

Of course, I am more concerned with the H9 issues since really, working with PF and Space and the H9 Control seems like a “bonus” – although now that I’ve had a tiny taste of success (I did indeed, actually back up my PitchFactor to the PC Control App.  But that’s one out of five pedals – and I really want them all to respond the same way, and for the app to behave the same way regardless of what device it’s accessing.


So I am a bit surprised and a bit disappointed to find that no one is speaking – I assume that means there is no progress, we know nothing more, and I am wasting my breath at this moment.  But it’s just to say – please keep going, I know that Rory is about to lose his mind and I am not in much better shape, having LOST two H9s in the last year – these devices were supposed to be my poor man’s Fractal, but it’s starting to look like MAYBE, I should have just got a second mortgage on my house and BOUGHT a flippin Fractal – or like Fripp – two, one being spare for when the first one breaks.

I reckoned with Eventide, that the H9s would be as resilient as the Factor Pedals – in fact, better – but in fact, I kinda feel let down there, what with two weird failures and all this other trouble, I am starting – like Rory – to think that maybe I have invested in a very expensive dead end.


Please help us – we need to restore our faith in the H9s and in Eventide, I know that Eventide can fix this, because you guys have the experience and the knowledge – so please please fix this.



On behalf of all of us who are suffering from power supply, sudden deaths, MIDI issues, or problems with H9 control – we need all that stuff to work, so WE can work!



I can’t imagine going out to gigs with this set up right now – for one thing, I am SHORT on H9, so all of my carefully engineered combination sounds are all….bereft of meaning without pedal no. 1 in place.


I am not complaining – I know you are busy, but I am saying that for myself, the level of frustration this can bring is not terrifically healthy.


It starts to get you down, and that is not good!



All the best

Best of luck finding solutions, and sorting out all of these problems…



Good luck Eventide people!



Dave 🙂