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nickrose wrote:

I can’t speak for H9Control, as this is not my area. But, given that you are having hardware problems with your H9, PLEASE contact support@eventide.com, giving AS MUCH information as you can.

We make little use of Windows 10, as it does not offer much to serious development people – it appears to be mainly designed for tablets. Because of this, we don’t have as much experience with it as we should. Win7 works just fine.

Obviously there is room for improvement here – but, I would always suggest that you use the oldest OS that will do what you need – new shiny things will have new shiny problems and less support. A counter argument is that it is difficult to buy a new Win7 computer these days. We need to do better.




I am going to assume that this post is directed at Rorytheherb, and not me.  My four remaining Eventides are all operating at the moment.


The H9 app, however, is not, and indeed, may have been compromised thanks to differences between Win 7 and Win 10.


But the advice to use the oldest OS possible – that seems out of character and not very forward-looking or forward-thinking – and based on that, I’d give it about a zero in terms of customer care or product futureproofing.

You ended your post with “we need to do better” – I think part of that, is not to cling onto to operating systems of the past, but to accept that in the natural order of things, operating systems change, and with that change, comes the need for ALL manufacturers of all software and application products everywhere, to then have to adapt their products to the new OS, or perish in the attempt.  If only from a standpoint of security – Win 10 will patch security issues that were never fixed in Win 7 – so you have to get Win 10 is you want to be guaranteed the most secure OS possible – and if you stay in WIn 7, you miss out on those too.


Forward then, positive is the way, not, stick to Win 7 – and my only concern in this thread is the H9 Control application – and gkellum is addressing that.