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badmelonfarmer wrote:


Thanks… on a Mac you can fix it by CRTL+Clicking on the H9 Control application …

Select  “Show Package contents”

then navigate to Contents/Resources/Help” then rename the .html file as above.

Hi, is it possible to alter the contents of the package eliminating the presets I never use? Or even the folder of an entire algorithm and its presets, for example: as I never use EQ my idea was to keep Control interface as clean as possible, i.e. by eliminating the entire contents and folder EQ Compressor that will not show. I can always keep a copy of the original H9 control and replace the altered version, but I don’t want to mess up with the software if that will cause any problem. Assuming this could be done I guess there is no way to do the same thing on IOS? Thanks a lot for any help on these!!