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openmusic wrote:

Hi, is it possible to alter the contents of the package eliminating the presets I never use? Or even the folder of an entire algorithm and its presets, for example: as I never use EQ my idea was to keep Control interface as clean as possible, i.e. by eliminating the entire contents and folder EQ Compressor that will not show. 

You could delete individual presets from a folder but you shouldn't delete the entire folder and you should leave at least one factory preset in each folder.  If for some reason this causes any problems, you can just reinstall the app.

And you're right; this approach won't work on iOS.

Also, there's no way to hide altogether algorithms you don't use but there are sorting options to move them to the bottom of the list.  For the algorithm screen for example there's a sorting option under Settings, and if you set that to 'By Use', it will sort the algorithms to the top that you use most often. For the preset screen you just click the label above the presets to cycle through the sorting options.