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Eventide Staff
joszwa80 wrote:
So if i understand u correctly if the expression pedal works in normal mode it doesnt guarantee itll work in the split Tap and Exp mode?

Indeed – in normal mode it has a stereo (TRS) jack, which is compatible with a TRS volume pedal, while in split mode the H9 offers a mono (TS) jack, which will give 0-100-0 when used with a TRS volume pedal.

joszwa80 wrote:
  Does Dunlop X work? I wanna know before i sell it to get another pedal. Ernie Ball Exp 25k definitely works right??

I'm not familiar with Dunlop X. Hopefully its manufacturer of one of our other users can help.

Ernie Ball Junior 25K is one we recommend – note that you must plug into the socket marked "OUTPUT."

Please also read out technote https://www.eventideaudio.com/support/downloads/using-both-aux-switch-and-expression-pedal-h9