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1.setting it so when the pitchfactor is off and all signals are dry from all speakers, getting the volume to be the same as when the pitchfactor is on

This is always tricky as different presets have different levels anyhow, and will be further modified by the characteristics of your guitar. The best bet is to adjust the preset output gain on a preset by preset basis for those presets which have seriously different output levels.

2. Getting the same sound out of the wet cabs as the dry speakers being as the Weber has an eq for the line out

Not my knowledge area.

3. Saving the wet level for each preset to be individualized to each preset

Make sure GLOBAL MIX is off – then the wet/dry mix will be saved with each preset.

4. General settings for bypass, input level, and any great tips or tricks for the set up I'm running

This is for you to try, as only you know what you want.

5. How to use the flex system for presets while in bank mode

Don't understand. Flex ?

6.going down in banks, for instance,from bank 5 to bank 4, instead of only being able to go up in banks

To go down in banks you have to use MIDI or an AUX SWITCH.

7. Delay settings that don't get overbearing but are still prominent

This is for you to try, as only you know what you want.