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pureambient wrote:

Can we know any details of any real troubleshooting, problem re-creation, etc. – what has been tried or ruled out or ??? – and if we can expect an H9 Control App update sooner rather than later to address the problems of what seems to be, a growing number of users? Please may we hear from Eventide next ?

I asked one of our testers to try to reproduce the problems mentioned in this forum thread on Windows 10, and he wasn't able to do so.

So, I've been working all week on integrating a crash submission system into the Windows version of H9 Control.  It's been going pretty well.  We'll likely have a new build of H9 Control at the end of this week / beginning of next week.  The build will have an integrated crash submission system.  But of course we'll still need to look at and try to fix the issues mentioned in this thread once we have some crash dumps in hand.