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Tatge wrote:

I would love to download the Dave Kilminster pink floyd presets!  I ran the install and it went ok on my Mac running 10.11.6 .   How do I find the presets I am at a loss?

If memory serves me correctly, I believe the last 10 presets or so on the TimeFactor itself are those presets.  Also, if you look in H9 Control at the various TimeFactor algorithms, the Pink Floyd presets are typically at the bottom of the list of presets for those algorithms (because they were added most recently).  For example Band Delay has a preset called 'Last Few Bricks 2'.  MultiTap has one called 'Worms'.  Digital Delay has 'Another Brick 1', 'Last Few Bricks 1', 'Comf Numb Verse', and 'Run Run Run' and so on.