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The H910 / H949 algorithm displays frequency ratios (true to the original hardware).  The MicroPitch algorithm uses cents.  Those settings that you received appear to be a mixture of both algorithms.  Two ways to quantify pitch shift, with almost exactly the same result.

Here’s the equivalent H910 / H949 preset; converting cents to ratios.  You can use either MICRO or NORMAL PITCH CNTRL (the 2nd preset here changes TYPE to H910).

Using that algorithm allows you to retain some of the character of the original rack units.

Another route – as gkellum mentioned – uses the MicroPitch algorithm, and stick with parameter values in cents. MicroPitch is a more “MODERN” equivalent, in terms of its processing, plus the ability to add LFO modulation.

Note that I swapped your PITCH A and PITCH B channel settings.  PITCH A is locked to positive deviations (above unison), with PITCH B going negative.  A single FEEDBACK control regenerates for both DELAY lines.