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gkellum wrote:

As luck would have it, a customer sent in a Space to us where H9 Control would crash when he tried to save its preset list.  I looked at his Space and was able to reproduce the problem on a Windows 7 machine.  The cause of his problem is he had a preset saved on his Space which had a character in its name which was illegal to use in a Windows file name.  More specifically, he had a preset named 'Size*Matters', and the '*' is illegal in Windows file names.  This might explain the crashes some of you have described when saving preset lists on Windows as well.  In any case we'll put out a new build of H9 Control tomorrow that fixes this problem and also has the crash reporting feature.


This is excellent news, and of course, we can now check our preset names not only in the Space,but in the H9s too – we may get lucky twice.

This is often a problem with data in general, many operating systems, programs, apps or even just data, can fail processes because of illegal characters. In Windows there is a list of forbidden characters, it’s not just the asterisk *

I would want to add something though about the message you posted, where you said that the customer (who sent in the Space) “had a preset” called Size*Matters, and then you went on to explain about the asterisk being an illegal character and so on.

The customer did not have a preset named “Size*Matters”, or rather, the SPACE had a preset called “Size*Matters” because that’s the way a SPACE comes from the factory…that’s a factory preset.

So it was Eventide that introduced the illegal character into the code, by using the asterisk in the stock preset name “Size*Matters”, it was NOT the customer. He, like me, had obviously never altered the name of the preset…the customer did nothing wrong at all.

That obviously wasn’t an issue in iOS, which apparently runs fault tolerant enough to forgive the asterisk character. But as soon as you put the app onto your windows machine, that clever name begins to cause a hugely frustrating problem for all Eventide pedal users! Like a virus laying dormant, living happily on iOS, but, the moment you expose it to Windows, wham! Crash. Break. Days and days of down time.

I should have thought of illegal characters, I really should have, but I’m very glad that you stumbled on this potential fix by accident…that’s what I would call a happy accident.

We will let you know how we get on with devices once you give us a new build…let’s hope this Space fix will work on H9s too.


Dave at pureambient