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gkellum wrote:

pureambient wrote:
gkellum wrote:

this fix will mean that the H9 Control App will tolerate special or illegal characters, or do we still need to purge any such characters from our H9s etc???

What H9 Control is currently doing is removing special / illegal characters when it imports a preset list.  So, you don’t need to do anything yourself.


Thanks very much for that.  I finally had a chance to download the new updated Application executable and try this, and I’ve now got both of my two remaining living H9s backed up to both my tablet and my PC for the first time EVER – so that is fantastic! ,.. and I’ve also got the PitchFactor and the Space backed up to the PC only.


Now – I can’t think of an easy way to copy the PF and Space preset/”saves” over to the tablet, but for the moment, I just copied all of the files (by exporting each one) and saved them across my external hard drives.  So that is backup taken care of – but, by question now is, IS there a way to “load” a Preset List that used to live on your PC, onto your tablet?


Can you open it with the H9 Control app somehow?  Maybe I am being really stupid here, but I don’t know how to do this!


So far, here is what I have done:


1) Saved each set of presets (*.h9z files) to the PC – two H9s, the PitchFactor, and the Space

2) Saved across multiple drives

3) Would LIKE to copy the preset lists for the two FACTOR pedals, to the tablet if possible.


Can this be done, and if so – how?



FInally – thank you SO much for the new version of the app, it’s working really well so far, I had no issues using it although interestingly, I did get a couple of crashes – but I assume that was it encountering special characters and not liking it.


I’ve also gone through and made SURE that all special characters are gone, so I shouldn’t have any more troubles.




A couple of things that were verified by this fix:


1) Why my PitchFactor would back up under 2.7.8, while my Space and H9s would not?  –  because, there are no special characters amongst the PitchFactor’s patches!

2) Why the H9’s failed immediately – because my first preset name had a special character in it.

3) Why the Space did a partial save, and then crashed the app just after Preset 45 (Phil McCavity) – because Preset 46 is Size*Matters, and at the time, the asterisk was still there.


So I think that clarifies a lot – thanks so much for being persistent and solving these issues – saving me a lot of time and hassle because as I’ve already got one H9 in the shop, I really didn’t want to have to send them ALL in.






Dave at pureambient