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Marcel wrote:
Hi Dave, an answer to one of your questions.

Hi Marcel,

Thanks very much for this, I figured it would be something simple, and I have a Dropbox account that I really do not make enough use of. And, I do have a camera connection kit, so you’ve given me two – no, sorry – three good methods!!

Thanks very much indeed!!




3) Would LIKE to copy the preset lists for the two FACTOR pedals, to the tablet if possible.

Can this be done, and if so – how?

(end quote)

Did you consider:

Export/upload the lists from your PC to an online service like Dropbox (or Box.com, etc) and import/download it to your tablet (or directly open it in H9 Control) from this online service.

In short: PC > Online service > tablet

OR: from within your PC H9 Control you can mail a list to yourself, and open this mail on your tablet, and open the list (which is in that mail) in H9 Control on your tablet.

As I understand it, on your ios tablet you will need a camera connection kit to connect your Space and Pitch pedals to make H9 Control work, cause these pedals don’t have bluetooth.