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Goodvibes wrote:
I’m having similar problems with several presets. I’ve checked the gate and sag settings and for “bottom feeder” these were on or turned up. However, the other presets do not have a sag setting and/or gate so it seems there is something else wrong. #61 has no output at all. #10, 53, 58 are intermittent and too loud once they do cut in. #62 and 67 do not seem right. WRT the gate and sag settings (if available), why aren’t these set differently for the factory preset so this doses not happen?

I guess I jumped the gun a bit. After I finally got it paired up to.my iMac and downloaded the newer software version, it appears that the problems I had have gone away. Bluetooth seems to working OK but for some reason the blue Bluetooth paired lite does not light up??