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monkoustic wrote:

as someone who just bought an H9 because it was touted to be extremely editable. then when i start to dig into it, i see that it’s considerably less editable than my mid-90’s PCM70. why can’t i adjust the panning on the delays? or the feedback levels? if you have a 1/4 note delay on one side and an 1/8 on the other, the 1/8 side needs more feedback to match the 1/4 side. it just seems kind of lazy or something? or is there something i’m missing? [also, just for reference, I’ve been professional touring and recording guitarist and arrranger for almost 30 years. i was really excited by the possibilities of being able to really program some amazing stuff into here, but without being able to choose the times of the multi-tap (see cpm70) etc. it starts to seem like another Guitar Center “wow-box”.]

i love TC products (i’ve had at least 2 2290’s over the years) but i pray that you don’t slip into the consumer market too deeply and abandon those of us who need some of those parameters to be successful. maybe for an extra $50 you offer a “pro”editor?




I agree regarding the panning, although the A/B delay Mix goes a long way. The feedback is settable per delay by the way.

I’m also extremely interested in deeper editing.