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bengersfood wrote:
One other question to anyone who might know the answer. Would the way that the iPhone picks up the Bluetooth connection be affected by how I broke the Bluetooth connection on the iPad beforehand? In other words, I can choose "disconnect" in the iPad's system menu or I can just quit the H9 app and turn the pedal off. Will the latter choice make a different device have a harder time picking the connection up?

No, I don't think turning the H9 off will make it harder to connect to with another device, but what I personally do when I want to switch from one iOS device to another is I press the X, Y, and Z switches simultaneously on the H9 twice.  Pressing these switches toggles Bluetooth off and on, and it usually works fine to do that to break an existing connection.  I also do that if I'm having trouble connecting to an iOS device as a first step.  As a second step I might reset the H9's system settings by restarting it with the right footswitch and HOTKNOB switch pressed (the one in the upper left hand corner of the H9).  That takes care of any pairing problem I might run into 95% of the time.