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I use the H9 + my taylor 214..straight to board. Many of the presets sounds awesome on acoustic

Just note for acoustic if the preset has LOT of low end you need ot reduce it, to avoid booming and feedback

Here are some I use

These are the base presets avaialble on  H9 ..i use,for my personal use, i tweak some of the settings ( e.g dial the mix down a little)</


  a.Ultratap Preset (slurm 86,tone-15,mix 44)

  b.Dissapearing Hall ( sound super duper amazing when combined with WET)


 Dark Matter ( with low level…dialed down ) .. use this for single and double note riffing only for a nice bloomey sound.Plucking sounds great too


  Mix 38,decay 14.5,size 65,Low Dcy X 0.8, High Dcy X 1.7,pre delay 110,low level -5,high level -4,mod level 30,mid level 7


Mix 32,D 11s,Size 90, Echo Fdk 61,ModR 50,Echo 220,lowlvl -48 or lower, highlvl -11,flanger mix 87, echotone -14


   Nice Chorus Preset ( adjust tone to taste)

love this one!! add a little delay + another reverb pedal to this preset

H910 949

3 Octave range preset + another Delay Pedal + Reverb shimmer pedal for organy goodness. Dial down the mix a little and use light strums


 Guitar Room ….More Modulation + size 60, Low level -50

Reverse Reverb

mix 41,decay 280,size 45,late dry 33,diff 86,feed 76,low levl -58,high lvl 12,mod lvl 100,contour 64

Vintage Delay

for normal use , I use just one Delay, 16 bits, mod depth 4,mod &nbsp;speed .08hz,feedback A 64,filter 50,mix 38 to taste