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gkellum wrote:

Well, do you want your G systems to send MIDI clock to the H9, or do you want it to trigger the Tap Tempo pedal function on the H9?  If you want it to do the latter, you’ll need to configure your G systems to send a MIDI CC when one of its switches is pressed, and you’ll need to configure the H9 to connect this MIDI CC to tap tempo.  You can do this in H9 Control by clicking on the Pedal button in the bottom menubar, going to MIDI Settings, going to ‘Assign MIDI CC messages to pedal functions,’ and then to the ‘Tap Tempo’ pedal function.


If I send midi clock to the H9 from the G, is there any other benefit other than tempo syncing? Would that then always default BOTH devices to what the G systems tempo is set for on a particular patch? What Im gathering is setting the midi clock to the G would globally change the H9s tempo with me doing nothing, and changing the tap tempo only to the G wouldnt change anything in the H9 until I tap a tempo on the G. Do I have this right? I think I’d rather set the clock to to G. Tap tempo on the G would still change the H9 in this case too, correct?