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joeydego wrote:

What Im gathering is setting the midi clock to the G would globally change the H9s tempo with me doing nothing, and changing the tap tempo only to the G wouldnt change anything in the H9 until I tap a tempo on the G. Do I have this right?

Well, not exactly.  MIDI clock is always running.  So, the G would change something on the H9 even without you tapping in the tempo, and there might be presets where you don't want to have their tempos modified by the G, b/c that will screw up the way they sound.  But maybe that's not the case for your presets.  Also, if you turn tempo mode off for an H9 preset, then it ignores MIDI clock.  So, if you don't want certain presets to be affected by the MIDI clock you could turn tempo mode off for them and resave them that way.

I guess it's nice to use MIDI clock if you want the same tempo to be active on the G and the H9 and don't want to tap it in twice.  If that doesn't apply to your case, maybe it would be simpler to just hook up a MIDI CC to the tap tempo function instead.