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Eventide will also be unveiling a new multi-effect algorithm for their TEC Award-winning H9 Harmonizer® platform called PitchFuzz. This new set of effects combines delay, pitch-shifting and distortion to create sounds never before offered in a single stompbox. PitchFuzz represents Eventide’s unique take on the classic fuzz octaver. With three chromatic voices, you can create virtual chords and route them before or after the fuzz and delay effects.

“When we first announced the H9, it was viewed as ‘just another stompbox’,” explains Agnello. “It took a while for folks to grok that the H9 is different. It’s a living, evolving platform. With the release of our latest algorithm PitchFuzz, we’re giving H9 owners yet another useful and powerful creative tool for less than a night at the movies. With the H9, musicians have a world of studio-quality effects at their feet or on the console.”



This sounds like another candidate for signal flow graphics / adjustments on “page 2”.

Now I wonder where FEEDBACK (if available) re-enters that signal chain …?

Now, that’s THE question.
We’ll see…