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jwaltz wrote:

Hi Tom,

MXLNK supports unbalanced pedal level and balance line level depending on the cable you use.

What is cool about MXLNK  is that the FX loop will work gtr pedals and balance line level input.

The User Guide list max level before clipping, but based on the gain knob setting and the interface cable you can have a good pedal level

with some headroom leftover. This level is indicated by the signal present/soft-clip LEDs which monitor the GAIN control.


joe waltz


That’s a really clever aproach… and triggers my interest: if I plug a guitar to the MLink and use the line level send to a stereo fx, say a digital reverb/FX rack unit (set to kill dry), how should I patch the stereo return into the MLink? Perhaps using the Aux Input? Or will there a level and impedance mismatch issue? And then, is the Headphones Out the only way to output the original dry sound + the stereo fx in, well, stereo? Is the stereo Headphone out suitable for the input of two guitar amps? An stereo FX return (line or pedal level/impedance) and Stereo Amp Out, is out of the capabilities of this unit? Because if it can be done, this would be my ultimate Swiss Army knife of preamp/mixer… Best regards. Javier


Hi Javier

yes, the AUX IN allows stereo input to be passed to HeadPhone output for a stereo pass-thru that  is mixed in with the other mono inputs.

The main issue with this though is the headphone output does not have the headroom the other outputs have so the level will drop

below unity gain. The headphone out will work for guitar amp inputs, because you have plenty of make up gain on most amp inputs.

Yes, a full-blown high headroom stereo return and hi level stereo out are part of the features we would include on MXLNK MKII update!

thanks for you interest

joe waltz