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I figured out – as many of you probably already did – that you need not only limit the preset range on the H9 via the Control app or the unit itself; you have to limit the Progam Receive Change map as well. In the H9 Control App, go to Pedal > MIDI Settings > Program Receive Change Map. There you will find the grocery list of Programs and what they do. I just changed the ones I wasn’t using – in my case, Program Changes numbers 19 to 99 – to “none.”

Now my MIDI switcher -the DMC-2 –  recognizes the change and stops at 19 (but not 18, which is strange) or #1 if I’m scrolling backward. Nor does it scroll to the beginning – i.e., from algorithm 18 to 1, if I continue to press the increment button on the DMC-2. I have to scroll backward. That’s not that big of a deal. I simply go to the right button on the H9 itself, and programs will circulate to the beginning (…16, 17, 18, 1, 2,…). This involves some extra tap dancing.

So, this leads me to a new question – again, one which I’m not sure belongs here or with Disaster Area Designs. Can we get the H9 to transmit some sort of  “wraparound scrolling” feature?