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tommasoferrarese@mac wrote:
nickrose wrote:

If we find fixes for problems (or big improvements) we pass them on. 


Wouldn’t a level based buffer reset in reverse delay (a la Strymon Timeline) be a big improvement? it’s the only way to have predictable results based on how you play, and many H9 algos already have envelope controlled options.. And I can’t see how this could create any backward incompatibility.. 

What about ModFilter algo? It has one “unused” knob.
It really would be useful to add a “cut-off offset/fine tune” or “resonance offset/fine tune” parameter…

Frankly speaking, the fact that there are no dedicated cut off frequency and resonance knobs is the only thing that keeps me from buying that for my H9 (a big pitty since the resonance sounds really sweet and has great potential).